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Why Summit vs. Competition

Summit Subscriptions are Unique

We feature the ONLY subscription plan with Live/In-Person CE Courses and 200+ Live Webinars Annually AND also offer unmatched online quality and breadth!

Quality You Expect

Enjoy instructors who are experienced, active professionals in their fields and highly rated by therapists across the country. We select only the best instructors each year to join our faculty and work with each one to develop high-quality courses.

  • Instructors are rated 4.7 stars across 225,000+ reviews
  • Our Instructors on average have 15 years of experience
  • 86% of therapists report improved patient outcomes

Formats You Want

Find a course format which meets your learning style or CE need. New courses are constantly being developed with the latest, evidence-based information and state CE requirements in mind.

  • 1,500+ In-Person CE Courses
  • 200+ Live Webinars
  • 500+ Online Video and Enhanced Text Courses

Value You Appreciate

Access unique subscription plans that save you money each year and fit your budget. Choose the best Summit Subscription plan for you based on your learning style.

  • Choose between "All Access" and "Online Access" subscriptions - each saving you 60%+ per year in CE costs
  • With a Summit subscription, you get both quality (4.7 top box rating) and breadth (2,000+ In-Person, Live Webinar, and Online courses annually)

Convenience You Need

Experience easy access to all courses from your Summit account and friendly customer service when needed (via phone, email or chat). As a Summit Subscriber, you can add courses to your account, take online courses, review previously completed courses, and download CE certificates at any time from your account.

  • Easy login with one account to register and interact with all your courses
  • Easy reporting to CE Broker and ASHA (for applicable courses)
  • Our CE Tracker makes tracking all of your CE simple
  • 97% Customer Service satisfaction (most calls answered in under 30 seconds)

Patient Outcomes You Need

How a Summit Subscription Improves Patient Outcomes

Therapists LEARN at Summit Courses (and share that learning)

What impact did completing your Summit course(s) have on your skills and capabilities?

74 percent say they significantly improved their skills and capabilities

Have you shared anything you learned from your Summit course to your peers or employees?

81 percent shared knowledge from a Summit course with their peers or employees

Therapists USE that learning to IMPROVE PATIENT OUTCOMES

Did you learn anything new from your course that you have implemented into your treatment of patients?

95 percent report they learned something new, used in treatment of patients

What was the impact of implementing this new learning into your client treatment?

86 Percent said improved patient outcomes

Data Source: August 2019 Research of 250+ Summit PTs, OTs, and SLPs Users

What Our Subscribers Are Saying

Subscription FAQs

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you have 30 days from the time of purchase to cancel your subscription. However, once you complete a course and take the test to receive your CE credits, there is no refund.

How do I know there will be enough In-Person, Live Webinar, or Online courses available to make a subscription worthwhile?

With 1,500+ In-Person, 200+ Live Webinars, and 500+ Online Courses, you should be able to find lots of great choices. Just select your state and profession in our navigation to see what specific courses are available.

If I have "All Access" or "Online Access", do I have more than 30 days to complete or review an Online course once I start the course?

Yes, one of the benefits of our subscription plan is that you can complete, or even go back and review a course, anytime over your 365 day subscription.

Can I upgrade to Summit Subscription if I recently bought a single course?

Yes, you can upgrade to "All Access" for $100 or to "Online Access" for $50 for up to 30 days after you complete a Live or Online 6 credit course. It's a flat price to upgrade no matter what you paid for your 6 credit course.